Current activities and collaborations:

  • EMB: NMU actively engages with the European Marine Board (EMB), a prestigious network of marine science organizations across Europe. NMU nominates experts to participate in EMB working groups, contributing to policy development, research coordination, and knowledge exchange. Regular board meetings provide a platform for NMU representatives to share insights, align research priorities, and advocate for marine science within the European context.
  • SCOR: NMU serves as the Norwegian representative in the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR). SCOR is a global body that promotes interdisciplinary ocean research. As a member, NMU will collaborate with scientists worldwide, participate in SCOR working groups, and contribute to advancing oceanographic knowledge. NMU’s involvement strengthens Norway’s position in international marine research and fosters cross-border cooperation.
  • CNMU: The China-Norway Marine University Consortium Alliance (CNMU) is a collaborative innovation platform for research and education focused on marine-related fields with an aim to strengthen cooperation between China and Norway.
  • AAORIA: NMU is a link between the Norwegian higher education  and research sector to the All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance (AAORIA). This alliance spans the Atlantic Ocean, connecting countries from the Arctic to Antarctica. Its goal is to enhance marine research and innovation cooperation. NMU will contribute to strategic engagement, knowledge sharing, and collaborative initiatives across the vast Atlantic region.


Past activities:

  • The CNMU Annual Academic Conference (2022): NMU and the Chinese Marine University Consortium (CMUC) organized a significant online event that brought together scholars and industry experts from China and Norway to foster cooperation in marine sciences.
    The conference featured insightful reports and discussions on S&T innovation, marine biology, environmental evolution, and industry-university integration. It also marked the addition of new members to the alliance and set a detailed roadmap for future collaboration in marine education, science, and industry development, attracting over 10,000 online views.
    The conference emphasized strengthening ties, knowledge exchange, and joint efforts in marine sciences between China and Norway.
  • Innovation Camp on Marine Spatial Planning (2019): NMU organized an exciting event where university students (from BSc to PhD) in marine and maritime disciplines engaged in business model thinking. They designed a maritime space plan for Norway’s emerging industries: offshore wind generation and offshore aquaculture.